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What is Compounding?

Compounded prescriptions are customized medications created to meet a patient's specific needs. Unlike commercially available medications, compounded medications can be made in any dosage strength and form, including injectables, capsules, liquids, creams, and flavored lozenges or lollipops.

At Five Star, we do not simply pull prescription medications off the shelf - we individually compound them for each patient. We research medication formulas and apply our knowledge and skills to compound medications to treat many diseases. We prepare compounded prescriptions - from the simple to the complex - to help manage and improve outcomes.

With the flexibility compounding offers, patients can have access to the medication they need in the dose and form that works best for them. Compounded prescriptions resolve many medication challenges:

  • When a medication is not readily available in the appropriate strength.
  • When a patient cannot take the drug in its commonly prescribed form.
  • When a commercial drug contains excipients such as dyes, preservatives, or alcohol that may cause adverse reactions.
  • When a commercially-available drug has a taste patients find disagreeable.
  • When a commercial product has limited availability or is discontinued because of low demand.
  • When the most effective drug is not available in the appropriate dosage form.

We understand the importance of a medication's appearance, texture, consistency, and taste, and
we take all of these into account to formulate a quality medication for each individual patient.
Because compounded medications offer great flexibility to solve health care concerns, they provide
key benefits to patients and health care clinicians:

  • Ease of medication administration, which improves patient compliance.
  • The ability to tailor medication strength and form to specific patient needs.
  • Wider therapeutic options.

Together, these benefits may improve patient outcomes.

For more information about compounding, visit International Journal Pharmaceutical Compounding. This bimonthly scientific journal emphasizes quality pharmaceutical compounding. Each issue includes peer-reviewed scientific articles relevant to the practice of compounding.

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